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Powered by Advanced Weight Loss Intelligence

Science and technology represent the foundation of the Bragg Weight Loss & Wellness Program. Utilizing this intelligence, health care probationers are able to determine a personalized blueprint for your weight loss. Our advanced intelligence takes your health history, known medical conditions, and other current symptoms, then analyze that information to generate a comprehensive protocol designed to achieve weight loss and wellness. This process yields a comprehensive food and nutritional supplement program for each individual. 

No Exercise Required

With 35 years of research and clinical studies on weight loss issues, we'll use a comprehensive health analysis to determine what makes you healthier.

Eat REAL food

There's no such thing as a "one-size fits all" weight loss program that works. That's why we get to know you on a personal level to determine what your body will respond to best.

Unparalleled Support

Whether you need adjustments to your program or a little extra motivation, your Bragg coach wants to see you be successful and will make sure you are!

Meet Dr. Terry Bragg

Dr. Bragg has been a health care provider for over forty years. In the last four years, he has specialized in weight loss. He saw a huge need for nonsurgical weight loss specialists and started his advanced training. With all the years of patient care experience combined with a special interest in nutrition provided a very solid foundation to develop his weight loss practice. Bragg Weight Loss is on the cutting edge of modern day science based healthy weight reduction. Hundreds of patients have benefited from his knowledge and passion to help them achieve their weight loss goals. He is so confident in his program that he offers a weight loss guarantee.

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Bragg Weightloss and Wellness has received STRONGSCIENCE Level 2 Certification

The results of this study indicates that the Bragg Weightloss & Wellness Program safely and effectively effectuated weight loss results.

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There's nothing more we like to hear than our customer's success stories! Hear from local people in East TN about their experience using the Bragg Program, and the success they've achieved! Get started on the Bragg Weight Loss & Wellness program and we'll be hearing yours soon too!

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Understand exactly what your body needs to become more healthy. From specific diet plans to 100% organic supplements, the Body Composition Analysis is a piece of technology that's like no other, helping determine the best strategy to achieve a healthier life.